This MTU Result Analysis software is again a Vaadin 7 web application. It has been designed to help the executives in the registrar offices in MTU affiliated colleges. MTU is Mahamaya Technical University. The MTU uploads the examination results to its website in special format called the “Tabulation Register” or the TR.

The executives in the registrar offices, till now, have been doing the result analysis by filling up Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, applying formulas, and finally printing reports in tabular formats.

The entire process generally takes a few days to weeks depending upon the strength of the college. This entire process has now been automated by using MTU-RAT (Result Analysis Tool).

MTU-RAT works in two phases. Phase 1 involves saving the TR (Tabulation Register) available at the MTU college login, as a HTML file. Phase 2 involves uploading this HTML file as an input to the RAT software. Rest is taken care of by the software.

Here are some report samples generated by MTU-RAT. All the reports are in PDF formats, thus, making it very easy to print them on any paper-size (A4, A3 etc.), and to email them to the management.