You can call it “IT Inventory Management Software” or “IT Assets Management Software”. I call it the“Asset Tracker”. It has been designed to manage and keep track of the serialize-able assets in organizations like schools & colleges. In fact it can be used in any organization that has objects like computers, printers, projectors, cameras, TVs, furniture etc. What is exciting is that it uses the latest QR codes technology to label your assets. You can find more details about QR codes here. You can use any Android smartphone with camera to scan the QR codes pasted on the assets. What is even more exciting is that you can just point your Android to the QR Code of the asset and it will take you to the asset details page. Asset Tracker currently supports only the QR Droid app

Your Android phone equipped with the QR Droid app works as a code scanner. You can move around in your organization and take the physical stock of your assets at different locations. The scanned QR codes are stored in the history of QR Droid app which you can save as a csv file and upload into the Asset Tracker. Asset Tracker will take care of the rest!

This software is a Vaadin 7 web application. Vaadin is a wonderful server-side (as well as client side) Java framework. It allows you to build useful web applications in no time. you can learn more about Vaadin here.